All About Living Wall Plants

The notion of a living wall stirs the imagination, a wall completley covered in vegitation. The living wall gives everyone the ability to grow pesticide free fresh fruit and vegetables. Vertical gardens boast a zero footprint growing area making them ideal in space saving situations. Vertical gardens arrange in variuos shapes and sizes, preseeded, containerized, modular and can even be made at home from simple materials. In order to create a living wall pre-vegetated or fabric panels containing plastic containers, or geotextiles, vegetation is attached to the wall or supporting structure via mechanical means or by a cloth wrap. Water is distributed to the cells by means of tubing and an aquarium style pump set to a timer. This form of urban gardening can also be designed as an art form to decorate buildings in cities or around the home landscape and has been hailed as one way to make living areas more enjoyable, healthier and ultimately greener places. If vertical gardens are a sign of whats to come this writers cant wait to see whats next. Check out our list of reputable vendors for living wall plants.

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